Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Feb. 20th 2010

Hey Everyone:

Well it's the weekend and time to play!! I plan on taking full advantage of not working either of my "jobs" this weekend and concentrate on Stampin' Up business.
Be on the look out for a new video on youtube this weekend. I have decided that I will probably be doing videos on the weekends atleast until tax season is over (I am a tax preparer for H and R Block). Once April 15th rolls around I will have more free time after June 11th I will have all summer to do nothing but Stampin' Up (I am also a school crossing guard with our sherriff's office) and my other crafts.
I am so excited about getting my kit the other day. I am still looking at everything and I am in awe of the high quality of it all! The cardstock is SUPURB!!! If you haven't ever used Stampin' Up products you gotta try it! You will be amazed!!!
Ok I hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!!!!


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